Women Empowerment

Vocational Training: Through vocational training centers Premalaya trains women in tailoring, computer skills, bag making, soft toy manufacturing, etc with no cost. These trainings help women feel a sense of worth, boosts their self-esteem, as well as provides them with opportunities for self-employment or jobs. In turn, these centers transform these women to breadwinners and entrepreneurs, who are capable of supporting their families financially. They organize themselves in self -help groups/ joint liabilities groups. After the course is completed, they are linked with Banks for financial assistance to undertake new activities.

Health Facilitators: Premalaya identify motivated women who show passion for the development of their communities and train them to become the local facilitator for Health and awareness in their respective communities. The training for selected women spans across a period of six months, during which they are trained on all the basics of health. These women volunteers then conduct awareness programs and door-to-door campaigns promoting health and preventing diseases within their communities. Health checkups are conducted in various communities, exclusively for women.

Trainings are organized on creating awareness about such topics in the communities wherein we work. The common topics of our awareness programs include:

  • Nutrition and healthy diet.
  • Common disease symptoms, their treatment and prevention
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • How to deal with disability among children

Self-employment Scheme: Premalaya offers training as well as technical and financial assistance for those women aspiring to take on entrepreneurial ventures. We help them set up their own petty shops, tiffin centers, tailoring shop, etc. Some of the truly deserving women completing the tailoring course are also provided with free tailoring units. We also conduct trainings for financial literacy on topics like savings, use of bank accounts, etc. to help them in managing their family and business finances effectively.